Cyberday Resources are Free

Even though International CyberDay is over, #EveryDAYisCYBERDAY.

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Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers and industry experts explore cybersecurity trends and issues

Student Activities

Animated informational videos, games, comics, downloadable activity sheets, live challenges.

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions look at online privacy, data protection, cybersecurity in public education, and careers in cybersecurity, including opportunities for greater diversity and inclusion

Industry Experts

Industry experts share their cybersecurity expertise, help shape youth education, inspire students to pursue cybersecurity careers

Be Part of ICTC’s International CyberDay!

More and more of our lives are happening online. Work, entertainment, shopping, education—all of it depends on cybersecurity to run safely and smoothly.

Join us in a unique online activity-driven event to help students understand cybersecurity, be safer online, and learn about exciting cybersecurity career prospects.

The global cybersecurity labour shortage is estimated to reach 1.8 million workers by 2022. Running in parallel with Cybersecurity Awareness Month this October, ICTC’s International CyberDay wants to make a difference, raise awareness of cybersecurity issues, and help set a pathway to a more secure online future. 

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